Tony Avila, a fearless trobadeur

This self-entitled "troubadour of heart" is presenting his new album 'Pa que haga la luz', which includes 14 new songs.

A more seasoned Athanai in Séptimo cielo…

We learned of Athanai in the music scene at the end of the 1990s. His alternative look quickly permeated an audience who was already marked by his popular sound.

Danay Suárez, a Solid Artist

She has over 10 thousand unread e-mails. Her posts on Facebook have many comments. His performance in Chile sparked controversy in some sectors, but Danay Suárez continues to believe in the art.

Progressive Strategy Group

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Cuban Tourism: New Business Opportunities

Cuban Tourism: New Business Opportunities

Cuba is considered the greatest of the Antilles and its tourist industry’s unique selling points include the hospitality of its people, its exceptional natural attractions, a singular historical heritage and a prolific artistic and cultural scene, as well as unique well-developed healthcare provision plus political stability and personal safety for tourists.

Hola Sun Holidays and Caribe Sol, The Cuba Specialists in Canada

Hola Sun Holidays and Caribe Sol, The Cuba Specialists in Canada

Havanatur S.A. is group of tour operators and travel agencies with offices in more than 12 countries around the world. It has two offices in Canada – which is the country that sends the most visitors to Cuba: Hola Sun Holidays Ltd, based in Toronto, Ontario and Caribe Sol located in Montreal, Quebec. Since our foundation, Hola Sun and Caribe Sol’s main strategy has been to promote Cuba as a place of endless exploration offering all the key elements travellers are looking for: vibrant culture, in-depth history, breathtaking landscape, stunning beaches, colonial architecture and most of all, its charming people! It is also an incredibly safe destination, accessible and very affordable for Canadian tourists.

Democracy in Cuba

Democracy in Cuba

Despite the difficulties brought on by the forceful Hurricane Irma, Cuba has begun the lengthy process of electing the delegates who will form the new administrative bodies of the government and the state, from municipal governments through to the nation’s highest governing bodies: the National Assembly and the State Council.



illy - Nero di Seppia

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