About CubaPLUS

For the past 12 years Taina Communications LTD (Canada) and Prensa Latina SA, Latin American News Agency, have been publicizing Cubaplus Magazine.

Cubaplus is the only magazine circulating in Canada exclusively dedicated to prividing information on Cuba, its history, culture and traditions, among other topics.

In its pages, this publication tells readers about many varied issues related to the life of the Cuban people. Included is their music, painting, sculpture, photography, advances in sports and medical science, important moments in history and the lives of peoples who shaped the history of the country. There are also features on important events and possibilities offered by Cuba to those who decide to vacation in the largest Island in the Caribbean.

Cubaplus is published every three months with 55 000 copies printed in full color reaching more than 200 000 readers.

It is distributed throughout Canada and in major U.S. cities. It is sold in Cuba at international airports, at postal and telecommunications outlets and in many hotels.

We also have a Spanish edition for Latin America, Cubaplus Latinos, which we started 8 years ago. It not only contains articles on Cuban life but also reports on countries in the region with the purpose of promoting culture, traditions and tourism in those areas. Cubaplus Latinos is also distributed in Canada and United States, as well as in Cuba, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Panama, Costa Rica and many other countries in the region. Ten thousand copies are printed, and more with every edition depending on the needs of the market, especially when fairs are taking place.

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