What do surgical backlogs, housing shortages and disaster relief all have in common? At their core, they’re all infrastructure challenges. And they’re challenges that Fero’s modular, scalable enclosure systems and utilities units can solve.

Our mission is to bring state-of-the-art, sustainable and cost-effective infrastructure to the most vulnerable populations around the world.

To achieve this, we design and build infrastructure based on our collective decades of experience in construction, healthcare, manufacturing, development and government. We have first-hand understanding of the issues faced by each sector and the engineering expertise needed to overcome them.

Every Fero unit is designed and built by us in North America. Because we use modular construction, we can manufacture each order more quickly than traditional infrastructure—and then ship our units nearly anywhere on Earth. Whether by road, rail or sea, to isolated mining sites or remote communities in the high Arctic, we go wherever you need us.

And we don’t stop there. With roots in healthcare, we go above and beyond the typical modular offering: exacting design standards, integrated technology in every unit, and a deep awareness of how spaces can affect—and enhance—wellbeing. We pride ourselves on our holistic, full-service solutions: we create, we install and assemble, we train, we service and troubleshoot, we disassemble, and we store and stockpile.

Whether for disaster relief, temporary medical space or permanent shelter, we work with you to craft a strategy that meets your immediate and long-term needs, durably, affordably and sustainably.