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Prensa Latina’s importance noted in the Caribbean

By: CubaPLUS Magazine
10 Jun 2024
Prensa Latina’s importance noted in the Caribbean

Journalist Earl Bousquet, from Saint Lucia, on Monday noted the transcendence of Prensa Latina as an alternative media outlet, and emphasized that during its 65 years, it has brought the truth about Cuba to the world.

In a message to the organization on its new anniversary, the intellectual described as admirable the challenges overcome by Prensa Latina when denouncing lies and imperial propaganda, as well as making visible the true stories of the Cuban Revolution to all corners of the planet.

Today, Prensa Latina continues to disseminate the truth about Cuba to the global north and south with the high flags of the Revolution, raised over Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa and Asia, the Pacific, and also over North America and Europe,’ he said.

Bousquet recalled that Prensa Latina is celebrating its 65th anniversary with the commitment to continue ‘Operation Truth,’ adding a voice to the Global South, where truth is masked with lies and fake news.

He stressed that Prensa Latina’s new international platform, Voices from the Global South, has shown, published and brought truth to the world, from a South-South perspective and guaranteeing the visibility of information that traditional hegemonic media continue to hide or deny.

‘Operation Truth achieved a new momentum after 65 years, inspired by the way the traditional hegemonic and imperial media, in the age of information technology, artificial information and augmented reality are being used to misinform about everything from Israel’s war against Gaza to the Western proxy war in Ukraine,’ Bousquet stressed.

Breathing new life to strengthen its ability to continue the fight for truth and honesty in journalism in the new dispensation of the 21st century. ‘LONG LIVE PRENSA LATINA,’ concluded Bousquet, who is a contributor to the Latin American news agency.

(With information and photos from Prensa Latina)

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