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Suriname’s President of Parliament arrives in Cuba

By: CubaPLUS Magazine
30 May 2024
Suriname’s President of Parliament arrives in Cuba

The president of the National Assembly of People's Power of Cuba (ANPP), Esteban Lazo, will hold a meeting with his counterpart from Suriname, Marinus Bee, at the headquarters of the
National Capitol.

The president of the Parliament of Suriname arrived in Cuba on Wednesday on an official visit due to the 45th anniversary of diplomatic relations between both countries.

According to information released by the ANPP, during his stay in Cuba at the head of a delegation from Suriname, the visitor will talk with authorities and visit places of historical and
cultural interest, among other activities.

In statements to the press, Bee pointed out that this constitutes his second visit to Cuba to “strengthen cooperation between both nations, in the face of common challenges as
Caribbean countries.”

Bee reiterated support for Cuba in its fight for the lifting of the blockade imposed by the United States, and its invariable support against this criminal policy. “Suriname and Cuba can work together with solidarity and cooperation tackling common challenges,” he said.

The delegation of the National Assembly of Suriname includes legislators Asiskumar Gajadien and Melvin Bouva and the general secretary of the legislative body, Ruth De Windt, among
other functionaries.

Upon arrival at the José Martí International Airport in Havana, Bee was received by the vice president of the ANPP, Ana María Mari Machado; the representative of the International Relations Directorate of the Cuban Parliament, Zailin Gaulhiac; and the ambassador of Suriname in Havana, Wendy Manushka Paulus-Aminta.

Cuba and Suriname established diplomatic relations on May 31st, 1979, based on bilateral solidarity and cooperation for more than four decades.

(With information and photos from Prensa Latina)

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