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Caricom considers the need to increase investment in regional agriculture
Jul 17, 2024
Investments in private sector agriculture in the Caribbean are now more important than ever to achieve greater local production and increased intraregional trade, with the objective of reducing imports of these foods by 25%, said Dr. Carla Barnett, Secretary General of Caricom. According to information published this Wednesday by the Guyanese press, during the recently concluded Caribbean Investment Forum, held in Georgetown, addressed that important topic.
Caribbean Bank distributes funds for countries affected by Beryl
Jul 16, 2024
The Eastern Caribbean Central Bank disbursed one million dollars to support the reconstruction of St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Grenada, after the destructive impact of Hurricane Beryl, the media reported today. According to the regional website Loops Caribbean News, the funds will enable both nations to finance efforts to assist thousands of victims in their territories.
Belize and Cuba, 29 years of magnificent relations
Jul 15, 2024
This Monday, Cuba and Belize celebrate 29 years of relations, characterized by collaboration in different spheres, friendship and brotherhood, both between both governments and peoples. The ties between the two parties date back to July 15, 1995, when an agreement was signed for the establishment of diplomatic relations between both states, which is considered a historic moment in the strengthening of ties of friendship and cooperation between the respective governments and people.
New date announced for the 47th ordinary meeting of Caricom
Jul 12, 2024
The forty-seventh ordinary meeting of heads of government of the Caribbean Community (Caricom) was scheduled for July 28 to 30 in Saint's George after being postponed due to Hurricane Beryl, official sources reported. Grenada will host the conclave in the year of its 50th anniversary of independence, while saluting 35 years since the signing of the Grand Anse Declaration, which launched Caricom's transition towards a market and economy unique and other issues.
Cuba greets anniversary of the Caribbean Community (Caricom)
Jul 04, 2024
The Caribbean Community (Caricom) today celebrates 51 years of creation, by virtue of the Treaty of Chaguaramas (Trinidad and Tobago), signed on July 4, 1973, with the objective of raising the standard of living and work of the nations of the area, end unemployment and accelerate, coordinate and sustain economic development. In a message on its X account, the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Minrex) greets the date and notes that “Today marks the 51st anniversary of the founding of CARICOM, a propitious occasion to reaffirm solidarity and maintain the spirit of unity and brotherhood of our Caribbean nations.”
Expocaribe 2024 business opportunity in eastern Cuba
Jun 26, 2024
The nineteenth edition of the international fair Expocaribe 2024 was inaugurated this Wednesday in Santiago de Cuba with the participation of 28 countries, 12 Cuban provinces, over 300 national and 46 foreign companies. Oscar Pérez-Oliva, Minister of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment of the Republic of Cuba, considered that Expocaribe serves as a showcase for the products and service offers of participating companies and countries, especially those from eastern Cuba, while he thanked and appreciated the permanent displays of solidarity of the representatives of Caribbean nations towards Cuba.
Prensa Latina’s importance noted in the Caribbean
Jun 10, 2024
Journalist Earl Bousquet, from Saint Lucia, on Monday noted the transcendence of Prensa Latina as an alternative media outlet, and emphasized that during its 65 years, it has brought the truth about Cuba to the world. In a message to the organization on its new anniversary, the intellectual described as admirable the challenges overcome by Prensa Latina when denouncing lies and imperial propaganda, as well as making visible the true stories of the Cuban Revolution to all corners of the planet.
The Caribbean, main destination for cruise lines this summer
Jun 06, 2024
During this summer, major cruise lines such as Royal Caribbean Group, Carnival Corporation and Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings increased their commitment to destinations of the Caribbean and Alaska and it is expected that 202 ships will sail to the first region this year, an increase of 8% compared to 2023. According to an analysis published this Thursday on his Facebook account, the professor and Cuban researcher, José Luis Perelló, adds that in the case of Alaska, the number of vessels sailing this summer has increased 9.3% since last year.
Suriname’s President of Parliament arrives in Cuba
May 30, 2024
The president of the National Assembly of Peoples Power of Cuba (ANPP), Esteban Lazo, will hold a meeting with his counterpart from Suriname, Marinus Bee, at the headquarters of the National Capitol.
Cuba celebrates diplomatic relations with St.Vincent & the Grenadines
May 26, 2024
Cuba celebrates, together with the people and government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, the 32nd anniversary of diplomatic relations between the two nations, the Cuban Foreign Ministry said on X.
Jamaica hosts third Caribbean Travel Forum
May 21, 2024
Topics crucial to the success of tourism in the Caribbean will be debated until next Thursday in Montego Bay, by prominent professionals from the region and other countries, including the business possibilities of the area and the strategies to adopt in favor of this important regional industry.
Cuba reaffirms willingness to strengthen ties with Dominica
May 18, 2024
Cuba’s Foreign Ministry reaffirmed on Saturday the willingness to continue strengthening ties of friendship and cooperation with the Commonwealth of Dominica. On X, the Foreign Ministry greeted the 28th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two Caribbean nations. Havana and Roseau maintain ties of friendship and cooperation that are expressed in health assistance, human resources training and collaboration in other sectors, such as education and agriculture.
Havana has become the Caribbean capital of fashion
May 08, 2024
Fashion, something fundamental in people's lives, whether women or men, became this Tuesday night the center of attention of all Caribbean people because the Cuban capital served as the setting for the Fashion in da House event, a parade organized by UNESCO and the European Union (EU).
Cuba and Grenada sign cooperation agreement in tourism
May 04, 2024
Cuba and Grenada signed a collaboration agreement on tourism this Saturday for the benefit of both countries. The agreement was signed by the Minister of Tourism of Cuba, Juan Carlos García Granda and the Grenada head of the sector, Creative Economy and Culture of Granada, Adrián Thomas. as part of the activities of the XLII edition of the FitCuba 2024 International Tourism Fair.
Prime Minister of Grenada ends visit to Cuba positively
Apr 14, 2024
Prime Minister of Grenada ends visit to Cuba positively CubaPLUS Photos: Prensa Latina The visit of the Prime Minister of Grenada, Dickon Mitchell, ended this Sunday, after three days of intense activities that included the signing of several bilateral agreements and memoranda of cooperation in important areas for the two nations. The day before, the Grenada premier was received by the Cuban president, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez at the Palace of the Revolution, where they held official talks. Both leaders presided over the signing of agreements that cover the sectors of health, education, agriculture, fishing and the environment and, with respect to this last area, cooperation is included in relation to confronting climate change. Regarding education, the agreements provide for the development of the sector on the basis of equality and respect, while regarding the economy they promote technical assistance and scientific, technological and productive support in the aquaculture branch and regarding Agriculture and forestry resources, comprising livestock production, food, technical training and research, and economic development and planning. During his stay, the Grenada premier also held conversations with Cuban Prime Minister, Manuel Marrero Cruz, where the historical ties that unite both countries and peoples were highlighted. The visit also coincided with the 45th anniversary of the establishment of relations between both countries -April 14, 1979-, whose official celebration took place this Saturday at the San Gerónimo school, in Old Havana, and also served to highlight the magnificent relations that have always united both countries and the perspectives that open with the new agreements adopted.
Cuban President welcomes Grenada PM Dickon Mitchell
Apr 12, 2024
Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel welcomed Grenada's Prime Minister Dickon Mitchell who on Thursday arrived in Havana to pay an official visit through April 14. We hope he feels in our homeland as we feel in Grenada, with which we are celebrating 45 years of diplomatic relations, the Cuban leader posted on X.
Prime Minister of Grenada will visit Cuba
Apr 11, 2024
The Prime Minister of Grenada, Dickon Mitchell, will make an official visit to Cuba from the 11th to the 14th April, reported the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the largest of the Antilles.
Cuba invites to major trade fair
Mar 25, 2024
The Cuban Ministry of Foreign Trade and Investment (MINCEX) has invited foreign companies and groups to participate in the upcoming ExpoCaribe 2024 International Fair. That event will be held in eastern Cuba from June 26 to 29, MINCEX Deputy Minister Oscar Pérez-Oliva said.
CARICOM conference ends in Guyana
Feb 28, 2024
The leaders of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) are closing their 46th Conference in Guyana on Wednesday, after three days of intense debate on the region's main problems to outline strategies to overcome them.
Caribbean economies recovered and with great growth prospects
Feb 23, 2024
Most Caribbean economies show signs of recovery and can average 8.6 percent growth at the end of this year, a report from the regional Development Bank said today. According to that entity, the good indices in the area largely have to do with the increase in Guyana’s oil production and the continued expansion of the tourism industry. But it excluded Haiti from the projections and even predicted a worse performance for the French-speaking nation, due to the persistence of sociopolitical instability and high inflation.
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