CEDAI, commitment to energy efficiency

CEDAI, commitment to energy efficiency



The largest of the Antilles is committed to changing its energy matrix by 2030 based on fossil fuel efficiency.

That is why the Integral Automation Company (CEDAI), in order to take advantage of renewable energy sources (RES) and improve energy efficiency (EE), is expanding its reach to include this type of service in real estate and the industrial sector.

CEDAI, commitment to energy efficiency

For this, the company is developing integrated EE, renewable energy and electric mobility projects as a move towards more sustainable transportation technologies.

The effects of climate change and the increase in fuel costs are problems that, directly or indirectly, are having more and more impact. Very simple practices such as saving and efficient use of energy, or the use of renewable energies, can make an important contribution to addressing these issues.

The aim of these projects is to reduce dependence on fossil fuel consumption, combining passive and active measures to achieve increasingly efficient energy consumption.

Scope of projects and solutions
1. Conducting technical tasks and solution proposals.
2. Basic and detailed engineering work.
3. Supply of technological materials.
4. Installation, commissioning and warranty.
5. Qualification and training of the user's personnel.
6. Production of technical information and operation manuals:
- Energy audits.
- Preparation of engineering projects.
- Load balancing and placement.
- Lighting retrofits.
- Intelligent lighting system.
- Supervision of electrical parameters.
- Measurement of individual consumption.
- Demand disconnection.
- Variable speed drive applications.
- Automatic power factor compensation.
- Control, protection, lighting and power switchboards certified by Schneider Electric, SCADA or BMS.
- Use of renewable energy sources.
- MICROGRID systems with generating sets + renewable energy + battery bank (Fuel save controller).
- Solar pumping for swimming pools, water supply and irrigation.
- Recharging stations for electric vehicles.

CEDAI, commitment to energy efficiency

As one of the first steps in this direction, CEDAI is involved in three projects of the national EE and Renewable Energy Program, with the objective of making each substitution generate energy savings, namely:
Photovoltaic system technical project: By generating at the same point where consumption occurs, losses in the transmission and distribution of electrical energy are eliminated, they are easily and quickly installed on any building, well exposed to the sun, they do not produce any type of pollution or harmful effect and are modular systems that allow for small progressive investments.

Efficient boiler rooms: Design and installation of the data acquisition system
Replacement of fluorescent lamps with LED lamps.

The "Energy Efficient Buildings 3XE" project for the contribution to reducing fossil fuel consumption and GHG emissions, financed by the European Union within the EUROCLIMAplus framework, supported by AECID and led by CEDAI, is another proposal for an energy-efficiency solution for buildings in which work is carried out, based on the rational use of energy as well as the use of renewable sources.

These are tangible displays of what a company committed to energy efficiency aims to achieve in its actions, in terms of economic savings, environmental advantages, improvement of the strategic position in terms of energy, user comfort, competitiveness, equipment performance, the incorporation of technological innovation and the promotion of economic, business and environmental sustainability.


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