El cañón de 41, Great Food, Great Restaurant

El cañón de 41, Great Food, Great Restaurant

Ancient cannons welcome visitors at this restaurant in the Kholy district of Havana which in its short time in service has been gaining popularity for its excellent food and pleasant atmosphere.

El cañón de 41, Great Food, Great RestaurantEl Cañón de 41, the Cannon on 41st in English, is the name of this café-restaurant with a varied menu and a well-stocked bar, decorated in light colors with comfortable furniture. Many have rated the cuisine as delicious on the TripAdvisor website.

Among the establishment’s recommendations Iberian Appetizer, Chateaubriand and Ocean Grill stand out on a menu that includes various tapas, appetizers, side dishes, salads, seafood, beef, lamb, pork, pastas and desserts as well as coffee and tea.

Open daily from noon to 2am El Cañón de 41 has a snack bar, coffee bar, VIP bar, lounge, terrace restaurant overlooking 41st Avenue and offers business dinners, weddings, receptions, birthdays, group meals for cruise ship passengers and tour groups as well as events with music and entertainment.

El cañón de 41, Great Food, Great RestaurantThe name of the place that opened in December 2015 is a mix of the ancient and modern, capturing the originality of the design and architectural structure of the house where it is located. “In addition we wanted to attract the attention of those who are curious and give the café-restaurant a contemporary design that would highlight the particular location of the place, being a house on a street corner.”

The cannons at the entrance that resemble those that existed centuries ago are a sign of peace and a permanent invitation to a good meal where diners receive friendly and professional service.