Country Pâté

Country Pâté

Preparation: Mix (1/2 lb.) ground leg of pork with (1/2 lb.) ground beef liver.

Country PâtéTo this mixture add: (3/4 cup) onion, (2) shallots, (2) grated garl ic cloves, (½ cup) raisins, (2 cups) bread crumbs, (2) beaten egg whites, (½ tsp.) mustard, a pinch each of salt and white pepper and a mix (approximately 3 cups total - individual ingredients to taste) of soy sauce, white wine and aged rum.

Pour the entire mixture in a casserole, dress with a bit of bacon and cook for 30 minutes at 120 degrees.

This dish is a specialty of the Chelo Restaurant in Club Habana in Havana

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