Merlys Fernández, Woman of Strong Wood

Merlys Fernández, Woman of Strong Wood

At Artechef you will always dine well because of the synergy of a very select group of Cuban chefs and cuisine experts who suggest the best for the diners.

This is a project of the Federation of Culinary Associations of the Republic of Cuba (FACRC) which gathers volunteer culinary arts professionals from all over the country and connects them with their peers from around the globe.

In a restaurant designed for the purpose, members create the opportunities to taste the best of Cuban cuisine in the most refined and traditional way possible together with international recipes.

It is a relatively small but cozy place in Havana’s Vedado neighbourhood; quite appealing for both locals and foreign visitors interested in getting to know the correspondence of several cultures in Cuba’s recipe collection.

The goals of the restaurant are technical, specialized and educational, met through the teaching chefs and other cuisine-related professionals who are always willing to please.

Moreover, Artechef, on the corner of 3rd and A Streets, is a constantly developing workshop with 50 seats in the restaurant and 20 in the classroom. Yes, apart from its welcoming main room and cozy lounge, Artechef has a demonstration cooking classroom where foreign and Cuban faculty meet, resulting in better service to the diner. Artechef is open from noon to 11 at night, Monday through Sunday.

It is a luxury in recipes and excellence of service providing limitless appeal for the most demanding client.

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