Education in Cuba, a Priority

By: Mercedes Ramos/ Photos: José (Tito) Meriño, on: Culture
Education in Cuba, a Priority

For over five decades, Cuba has maintained one of the most comprehensive educational systems in the world, owing to the priority given to this important issue by the country’s authorities. It was agreed at the International Fair of Havana between the First Deputy Minister of Higher Education Dr. Rodolfo Alarcón and the Director of Cubaplus Dominic Soave to have as Cubaplus content continuing articles on education.

Despite being a developing country, Cuba has an educational system that corresponds to a developed nation, thanks to the efforts and resources invested by the Cuban state in this sector, which envisages among its main priorities the satisfaction of one of the fundamental needs of the human being, declared Dr. Rodolfo Alarcón, First Deputy Minister of Higher Education. In an exclusive interview with Cubaplus, Alarcón addressed various aspects connected with the Cuban educational system and said that in 1959 the education in the island was awful and there were over one million illiterates in a population of 6 million with just a few with access to it.

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