Annia fashions, simplicity and elegance

Annia fashions, simplicity and elegance

For young designer Annia Ferrer, the raison d’être of her creations is firstly “to dress today’s Cuban woman with elegance and naturalness, in keeping with international fashion lines, but always suitable for our cultural environment, our climate and our trends.”

Annia fashions, simplicity and elegance

Despite graduating in Biochemistry, Annia always leaned towards the art of fashion design, and currently her work is precisely that, prepared for by receiving different courses related to this speciality.

“My target market, he said,“is magazine, the Cuban woman in a wide range of sizes, ages and occasions, although we always have a space reserved for men, with shirts that go from casual, through handicrafts such as embroidery or fraying, up to the classic guayabera”.

Annia prioritizes natural fabrics in her clothing, such as linen, because in her opinion they meet the requirements of elegance and comfort that she wants to stamp on her work.

Her pieces have been shown on numerous national and foreign catwalks, and with their beauty, elegance and originality, they have managed to monopolize the public’s preference.

For Annia, the fundamental thing about her work is that she achieves visual simplicity and elegance through a high level of elaboration in terms of design, pattern and craft work. “My goal has always been to print that stamp at some level both on casual clothes and on the catwalk collections such as the” Origami”, she emphasized.