Fashion in Cuba is alive and well

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Fashion in Cuba is alive and well

We present fashion artists for all tastes and occasions showing the creators' talent and the sagacity to stay in touch with world trends.

Fashion in Cuba is alive and wellSpecially appealing for the young leaving behind classic swimsuits in favor of more novel and different designs.
Vanesa swimsuit by Anayce Figueroa and Yandy

The Manos Group collection, a challenge to the imagination, proved on the catwalk the immense and sinuous artistic possibilities of high couture.
Grupo Manos

Fashion in Cuba is alive and wellNothing was overlooked in the elegant display of her master craft.
Designed by Ivette Roig.

These designs are dedicated to please today's modern, independent and in-love-with-life women. The swimsuits are crafted entirely by hand with additions of braided and woven materials.
Anayce Figueroa


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Fira Barcelona
Torneo Internacional de Pesca del Blue Marlin
Grupo Gaviota


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