Fashion Wearing Cuban Art

Fashion Wearing Cuban Art

Distinguished fashion designer Oscar de la Portilla is firstly an artist, evident in his exuberant colors and brushstrokes; it is also evident that he is proud of his hometown, central Cuba's historic Villa Clara, with its valleys, mountains and rivers that serve as an inspiration to this creator.

After more than 10 years enriching catwalks and accepting awards at different events, he decided to join designers Octavio Anido and Sadi Castellón. Their collective creation has produced carefully printed fabrics, exclusive fashions and excellent needlework.

Fashion Wearing Cuban ArtThese magicians obtain inspiration from their surroundings, the Caribbean climate that allows enjoying beaches and swimming year round, as well as the self-assurance that touches everything from a morning stroll through theater or ballet to the most formal meeting. Summoning life at every moment, the pure cotton and translucent fabrics are dyed and painted with figurative and abstract works of art often obtaining magnificence.

Recent silhouettes are marked below the bust, emphasized by wide belts or fine bias bindings and adorned with ribbons, gems and embroidery. The skirts -all in dazzling colours-  fall like petals or are slightly lifted with some asymmetric hems or flounces. Deep décolleté describe shoulders, backs and accentuate different planes of the dresses.

Blacks, grays, yellows, smooth pinks, sky blues, aggressive, forceful, delicate; everything is there and the printing reigns and determines. Sadi, Octavio and Oscar are fine arguments that creativity and genius of fashion design overflows beautiful Havana.  This is their 2008 collection.

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