FIART 2016, Dedicated to textiles as an art form

FIART 2016, Dedicated to textiles as an art form

Textile as an art form has stood out in Cuba’s artistic and social landscape. It has been long standing on the island, characterized by permanence and the creators’ mastery of the craft and attachment to inherited traditions. Specifics that mark the artisan work in textiles and which ar e still used today include: embroidery with binding s trips, needlepoint, crochet, tatting and lacemaking, manual printing, staining and dyeing, to mention a few.

FIART 2016, Dedicated to textiles as an art form

This craftwork has been supported by quality designs, suited to our climate and which combine traditional and contemporary techniques. Artist craftsmen represented by the Cuban Cultural Goods Fund have earned important recognition for their work and excellence of their pieces. All of this brings us to the 20th Edition of the International Craft Fair, FIART 2016, which will be held in Havana from December 6 to 18 at Pabexpo, deservedly dedicated to Textiles, as an authentic reflection of our identity.

Source: Cuban Cultural Goods Fund


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