María Salomé Morales, from editor to designer

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María Salomé Morales, from editor to designer

María Salomé Morales, from editor to designer

In the 1990s María Salomé Morales decided to set aside her career as an editor to concentrate on fashion design, standing out for her work on women’s suits. Many years later her design portfolio has fanned out into office wear, beach wear, casual collections, evening wear, bridal gowns, menswear and striking lingerie design.

Her 2016 collection Sueños (Dreams) brought men’s and women’s lingerie in satin, chiffon and sensual transparent textures incorporating traditional artisan elements such as crochet, lacework and embroidery.

Her current focus is on evening wear featuring her hallmark artisan touches, using lacework, openwork and tailored tucks on plain and patterned linen and chiffon.


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