Oscar de la Portilla: Glowing on the Catwalk

By Heidy / Photos by Boris Murieda, on: Fashion
Oscar de la Portilla: Glowing on the Catwalk

The 12th Artisan Fair FIART 2008 at Havana's Pabexpo exhibition site had the purpose of recognizing the technical excellence, rescue of traditions and design importance in the renovation of handcraft products. During the ten days of exhibition, clothing, footware, furniture and other items were showcased and some bought by the public.

At the end of the event the luminosity of the Propuestas collection by Oscar de la Portilla, was more than just applauded by the public, it was awarded.

De la Portilla, an artist from Villa Clara Province, enriched the exhibition with high couture clothing in an exquisite selection of tones, models and fabric.

It is a wardrobe with the seal of all things Cuban and one in which imagination and perfection of design placed it among the very best of the closing grand catwalk.


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