New packaging for GISELLE Creams

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New packaging for GISELLE Creams

Moisturizing This moisturizing body cream not only contains substances that soften the skin but also sunscreen that protect your skin from UV rays and slows ageing. It contains scleroglucan, a modern, natural ingredient with highly residual hydrating agents and a pleasant floral fragrance that lasts.

New packaging for GISELLE Creams

Nourishing This cream contains vitamin E, an antioxidant par excellence, and vitamin A, which together penetrate the skin and slow aging. It also contains scleroglucan, a highly residual moisturizer that helps cell regeneration and slows aging. It can be applied day and night on any skin type, recommended before makeup.

GISELLE PERFUME MEN Chipre fragance,a combination of fresh aldehydic floral noutes on a foundation of wood and amber”. Ideal for afternoon and evening Top note: Fresh citrus bergamot, coriander, aldehydic, rosewood and hyacinth. Middle note: Floral rose, jasmine, tuberose and carnation. Base note: Patchouli wood, vetiver, sandalwood, musk and civet animal.

New packaging for GISELLE Creams

GISELLE PERFUME WOMEN A sweet, floral, erotic fragrance. Dominated by the sweetness of vanilla and flowers. This fragrance is sensual and elegant. Ideal for afternoon and evening Top note: Bergamot rosewood Middle note: Floral muguet combination and white flowers with touches of patchouli. Base note: Musky and sweet vainillinas.


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