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Punto zer0, Italian Fashion for the World

By: Arianna Battini, Director, Puntozero International Srl. Photos: José Adrián Wilson and Oscar L. Benítez
Punto zer0, Italian Fashion for the World

Starting a project makes me feel reborn, reborn in things I can touch in the same way I think of them, with the hands of someone who loves their work… creating projects and giving them life, that’s my job.

Punto zer0, Italian Fashion for the World

Clothes for men and women who love to dress well on all occasions; bags and shoes.

all thought out and designed in Italy. On this fascinating island my aim is to look at the present, the past and into the soul, the style of the people who have always lived here. Clothing and accessory collections designed and produced in Cuba with one eye looking out to the rest of the world and the other eye rooted in the colours, scents and sounds of this land.

Thirty years experience in the world of fashion and the work Puntozero has done as a firm with prestigious Italian and international brands doesn’t take away the fear of starting a new journey, but it gives me the strength, courage and decisiveness to bring Italian fashion to all the men and women who want to dress in the now.

We have a presence in Italy, Holland, China, Hong Kong. Our clients have businesses all over the world. We are proud to say our hand is everywhere.

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