The face of Cuban cinema

By Idania Machado, Photos: Courtesy ICAIC, on: Film & Television
The face of Cuban cinema

This revered actress recalls her visit to Montreal in1967 during a tour with a musical review. She would never have imagined that so many years later and in the very same city she would be awarded the Grand Prix Special des The face of cuban cinemaAmériques for her work in Cuban cinema.She is one of the few actresses who, at the age of 64, has not undergone plastic surgery.  She says she is afraid of operations but deep inside she must think she does not need it. She still has a beautiful and enigmatic face - one of those faces that you don't know why it is beautiful. It may be the eyes or the whole ensemble of features.

Daysi has a sense of grace but she can be a Cuban in the full sense of the word when among her closest friends. To Cuba, she is Daysi Granados, the actress of Teresa, and to aficionados she is the "face" of Cuban cinema.

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