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Rain of "stars" in Havana for its 500th birthday

By Mercy Ramos photos: José Tito Meriño

The sky of Havana was filled with luminous "stars" and almost turned a large part of the city into day, the result of a great firework show turned into a precious gift, which cheered up the five-hundred-year-old Cuban capital.

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Globalizing Education, A True Challenge

The right to an education includes not only the right to learn, but also the ability to learn throughout ones lifetime. Globalizing this opportunity is the ideal state for a socalled modern society that aspirates to also be one of knowledge and investigation.

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The Martí Theater, All the way into Havana’s history


On the 16th of November of this very year, the Cuban capital celebrates 500 years of existenceand the city comes to life. Especially interesting for culture thirsty travellers, among the most common visited places in Havana, there lie patrimonial treasures such as the famous “Martí Theater”.

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Artemisa University, internationalization and collaboration

The University of Artemisa, as a result of the actions of an internationalization strategy, has the opportunity to manage and consolidate a policy that transforms it into an active body, stimulating its growth through promotion, exchange and cooperation, with both its regional and international counterparts. In this endeavor.

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Sugar Industry's Role in Latin American Integration Noted

Cubaplus courtesy: Prensa Latina

The importance of the sugar industry as a factor for Latin American integration was highlighted at the opening session of the 15th International Meeting on Sugarcane and Byproducts (Diversification 2019), which is being attended by nearly 400 experts from 20 countries.

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