Creole Coffe A Good Cup of Cuban Coffee

Creole Coffe A Good Cup of Cuban Coffee

Every morning Cubans have their tradition: an almost essential cup of strong coffee with its refreshing aroma and taste. Another cup after lunch, apart from tast ing del icious, assures an alert afternoon. But, if one exceeds a prudent dose, there can be more harm than benefits.

Creole Coffe A Good Cup of Cuban CoffeeThe many benefits from drinking coffee include: greater mental focus and sensory perception, a counter to depression caused by strain, as well as being good for digestion and the functioning of the kidneys. Coffee also dilates blood vessels, which translates into easier muscle movements. Moderate consumption (3-5 cups per day) rel ieves exhaust ion and increases heart rate, besides preventing somnolence and alleviating fatigue.

Despite the aforement ioned benef its, consuming coffee in large quant it ies can result in negat ive symptoms l ike tachycardia, stomach disorders and arrhythmia. Nevertheless, studies show that overall, benefits outweigh the dangers. The black nectar is the traditional closing beverage for lunch or a special meal and a not-to-be-refused gesture of Cuban hospital ity. Of course, one does not always have to serve it in the same way. Some add a touch of anisette to make a pleasant difference.

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