Daiquirí, A Pleasure for the Palate

Daiquirí, A Pleasure for the Palate

Cuban cocktails are famous worldwide for the exquisite flavour offered the palate by the mixing of varied ingredients, of which the essential is always the Cuban rum produced from sugarcane grown and harvested in the island.

The daiquiri is one of the most renowned Cuban cocktails immortalized by American writer and Nobel Prize winner in literature, "Papa" Ernest Hemingway, who lived in Cuba a large part of his life.

According to those who knew him, Hemingway used to go every day to the restaurant El Floridita, in the historic center of the Cuban capital, to drink daiquiris. It is even said that he contributed to the recipe. Since then the Floridita offers the Daiquiri "Papa" besides the traditional Daiquirí.

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