FCOM is Home

By Maria Karla González Mir Second Year Journalism Student, on: Heritage & Traditions
FCOM is Home

No one would imagine that the Communications Faculty, one of the University of Havana’s most modern faculties, had its origins in a small house on Calle G (G Street) in the Havana suburb of Vedado. What is today known as FCOM was previously linked to other faculties and departments related to Political Science and Philology until through the hard work of communication professionals, professors and students forged an identity of its own for the faculty, so that it could specialize and coordinate the degree courses it now offers: Information Sciences, Social Communication and Journalism.

FCOM is Home

Our faculty’s priority is to train competent professionals, committed to the demands of their society and their professional domain. Study plans, profiles, project work and objectives are constantly being improved in order to achieve this. The dialectics of the academic staff, the research, technology and an updated infrastructure —which includes new radio and television studies— allow the students to directly interact with the work dynamic of the media and get in-depth experience of it. As a result they are honing their skills through media production from the very first year of their studies.

Thanks to a notable outreach programme, the student’s journey through our department becomes an extraordinary life experience. Calei2copio (Kaleidoscope), Escaramujo (Snail) and Espejuelos para el género (Gender Specatcles) are the titles of projects that connect the faculty to the community, contributing to Cuban society’s development through Communication, Information and Popular Education.

But without a doubt it is during the Culture Festical that the faculty immerses itself in a whirlpool of ideas, feelings and commitments. Time seems to stop and each FCOM student comes out of it with a new spirit. In the cultural sphere we’re leaders across the university having won a total of fourteen cups, testimony to the dedication of the students, professors, staff and graduates who fight for the award every year. Winning the cup is not a simple fact for us. Here the motto is simple: “la Copa o la vida” (loosely translated as “win the Cup or die”). It’s the same spirit in sport even though we’re not the most accomplished, our “FCOM Agresivo” team brings together our strongest athletes in watersports and combat sports to take on other faculties at the annual Juegos Caribe (Caribbean Games), and not to mention the domino tournaments, simultaneous chess matches and other competitions like the neuronas intranquilas (“nervous neurons”) quiz matches.

FCOM is Home

In research, the faculty prioritizes student participation in national and international forums. It also drives technology and innovation projects that engage students and professors, that have benefitted over thirty national and international organizations. The impact of pieces in wellknown journals and books is growing, as is the reach of our academic journal Alcance.

It’s worth mentioning the faculty’s postgraduate programme, on offer to both national and international students, that includes masters and doctoral programs in fields such as Public Relations and Institutional Communication. With its teaching and research track record, FCOM organizes the bi-annual International Information and Communication Researchers and Students Conference, the most important event of its kind in the country, that raises the faculty’s visibility nationally and internationally.

It’s impossible to just “pass through” the Communications Faculty. With years of experience, it is more than just a setting for learning and generating knowledge. It is a space that promotes debate, self-reflection, particiapation and the enterprising spirit of youth of students from all over the country and the world. It is a hotbed of worthwhile ideas, projects and incomparable opportunities. Belonging to it is to become infected by the spirit of transformation and to become the changemakers. To be part of the FCOM family means respecting FCOM, defending FCOM and improving FCOM. It means dedicating ourselves to the faculty without timetables, without limits. We all feel it: FCOM is home.

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