Genuine Giantess

Genuine Giantess

Time never seems to pass by Havana's streets. Not only in his colonial architecture or in its urban layout, it also happens in the rescue of centennial traditions shaping the old city. Like a magical touch there is also the presence of a creative, inherited and intentionally reborn art amalgamating different cultures.

The International Festival of Street Dance, Havana City, a City in Movement, organized by the Retazos Dance and Theater Company, was the promoter of the first examples that surprised pedestrians back in the year 2000 and created Gigantería (Giantness), a new group of artists who took over the streets of the City's Historical Center with the sight of their long wooden legs and theatrical abilities in a show characterized as something lodged between theater and circus.

Genuine GiantessThe street scenery can't be deprived of that conga on stilts announcing its proximity with the loud rhythm of drums and the sound of the Chinese trumpet ensnaring on its way all kinds of people, locals and foreigners, kids and adults.

Professionalism is, undoubtedly, a trademark of the street theater group that is always in the search of stage interaction as shown in the new and surprising "living statues" performance defying immobility without a sign of breathing in the artist. The street audience marvels at the added beauty of make up and wardrobe used by these young motionless artists, some of them without formal theatrical training.

Gigantería members find the foundation of their work in the community experience and in the notion that spirit is more important than theatrical technique. With these ideals and others they have presented several theatrical shows in parks and streets in Cuba and overseas with the need to support their performances with mimicry, gesticulation and music to achieve greater understanding.

Any way you call them, these artists are considered renovators of genuine Caribbean traditions and legends.

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