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Santiago de Cuba, Hub of Folkloric Song and Caribbean Carnivals

By Martha Cabrales, Photos by Prensa Latina, on: Heritage & Traditions
 Santiago de Cuba, Hub of Folkloric Song and Caribbean Carnivals

“A school of folkloric song and a network of Caribbean carnivals is at the heart of activities in Santiago de Cuba’s upcoming Fire Festival”, Orlando Vergés, director of the Caribbean House, has said.

 Santiago de Cuba, Hub of Folkloric Song and Caribbean CarnivalsUpon announcing the 35th International Caribbean Festival which will take place from July 3 to 9, the scholar explained that the institution will launch two initiatives within the event’s framework; an occasion that will serve as a prelude to activities marking the 500th anniversary of the founding of Santiago de Cuba, located in the eastern part of the Island. This city was the seventh (and last) founded by the Spaniard Diego Velázquez.

Vergés said that this festival for the promotion of traditional Caribbean music has various sponsors, including Totó La Momposina, an outstanding Colombian singer who had already attended the 33rd edition of the festival dedicated to Colombian culture.

“These popular festivals held in the Caribbean countries are organized by the Association of Caribbean States”, its secretary Alfonso Múnera said during a recent visit here.

 Santiago de Cuba, Hub of Folkloric Song and Caribbean CarnivalsIn a meeting between members of a delegation from the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, the country to which the festival is dedicated this year, the press, cultural authorities and travel agents were informed about the event’s organizational details and prospects.

Bahamian ambassador Alma Adams passed on the best wishes sent by the government and people of the 700 islands that make up that nation, which is very close to the Cuban archipelago.

Members of the Bahamian delegation, mostly representatives from the Ministry of Culture, said that a large and colorful representation of Bahamian artists and intellectuals would attend the event; a good opportunity to bring both peoples and their respective cultural manifestations together.


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