The Treasure of Antiquity

The Treasure of Antiquity

At the hands of Tomás Moscoso Rodríguez history breathes new air. Not History with a capital H but stories, the stories of generations of our anscestors, that are revived through his objects.

Tomás is an antiques restorer. He works principally with wooden pieces - furniture and figures - that he takes back to times passed, returning their beauty and their distinctiveness to them.

The Treasure of Antiquity

A true artist with his file and chisel, he has studied various types of carpentry including his grandfather’s trade, cabinetmaking, which he carries in his blood and is what led him towards a career in restoration. He has loved his trade all his life and has been working for forty years.

His preference is for pieces from the 19th century although he is currently restoring 1950s pieces. “Sometimes,” he tells Cubaplus, “I’m driving along the street and I see furniture from that era dumped on street corners. Incredible. I park the car, pick them up and bring them back to life. I give them thirty, forty, fifty years more life.”

Is this work very painstaking? How much time does it take? “It’s very complex. I get up at dawn and sometimes it’s nine at night and I still haven’t come down from the workshop even to take a bath. I have various helpers, upholsterers, sometimes we even work Sundays.”

This is work that requires, on top of knowledge, rigour and attention to detail. Tomás only uses high quality materials. But despite the demands, he enjoys his work.

“I love seeing how the piece changes and revives as we start restoring it from zero. The end is always very moving, exciting.”

Tomás is also a collector, of anything unusual; old radios for example, antique cigarette lighters, objects featuring children, pieces that used to be used for cigar smoking... “I restore them and I collect them,” he explains. The modern and the antique are not a dichotomy in Tomás’s world. The old enriches us, it brings us culture and visual delight.

“Antiques get lost, bit by bit, they get destroyed perhaps due to ignorance. There are few people like me, who restore things to give them new life, to revive them. Hopefully there will always be people like that.”