Cubadisco, The Island of a Thousand Strings

Cubadisco, The Island of a Thousand Strings

The guitar is part of almost every musical group and has been an emblematic instrument of Cuban musical traditions.

It is also indispensable in the accompaniment of soloists, both classical and popular, two expressions in which Cuba has presented extraordinary composers and performers, among who stands out Maestro Leo Brouwer.

Isaac Nicola, Ñico Rojas, Guyún, Compay Segundo and Jesús Ortega have been equally distinguished personalities of classical and popular guitar.

For these and many other reasons the Organizing Committee of the Cubadisco International Festival has decided to dedicate its 16th edition to the guitar and all stringed instruments whether struck, rubbed or plucked. This is why the event has been named “Cubadisco on the Island of a Thousand Strings”, paraphrasing a work by Leo Brouwer, Honorary President of Cubadisco 2012.

Concerts of string instruments in rock, jazz, and accompanying repentistas (a style of Cuban improvisation), plus guitar trios and ensembles, will demonstrate the presence of these instruments in almost all musical genres. We also hope to have the attendance of cultural delegations from different latitudes.

A national competition of popular guitar will testify to the potential of the guitar in our country and the need to give priority to its essential role in music.

Join us for this great celebration of the strings.

Organizing Committee

Leo Brouwer

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