Dance to my Funky Songo...

Dance to my Funky Songo...

Nube Roja (Red Cloud) is a Cuban band that does audio and video experimentations with the assimilation and recontextualisation of codes of music and universal art. It marks the pulse of a generation, reflects a state of mind and draws the path of postmodernity in the current panorama of Cuban music.

It preserves the original composition, the preciosity of the arrangements and creative spontaneity. Its essence lies in an interpretation of pop marked by the incorporation of some rhythmic variations that defined this style in the past, as well as its mix with genres such as funk, rock n ‘roll, jazz and electronic music.

Its format is described by drums, piano, bass, guitar, saxophone and keyboards.

Dance to my Funky Songo...The band has an audiovisual character of its own and a performance at concerts that stands out, with atypical costumes and glamour in contrast with signs of prevailing fashion.

Its presentations are characterized as audible/visual/gestural spectacles that tighten their interrelation with the audience and make it vibrate so as to create a unique experience every time to the rhythm of a continuous party.

Nube Roja has performed at important events and cultural centers across the country. The group has been invited to hold concerts at the Cuban Art Factory, in the Old Wood and Tobacco Warehouse, next to the Propositions project sponsored by Pablo Milanés Records and in the EGREM Music Houses such as el Diablo Tun Tún and Café Cantante. It has participated at the International Low-Budget Film Festival in Holguín, and at the Summer Festival in Jibacoa in Santa Cruz del Norte.

In 2016 group members were interviewed and sang live on the television show “Esta noche nos vamos con Lucas”.

(Tonight we go with Lucas) in addition to being part of the Gala of nominees, where the video clips of Un sitio para ti (Joseph Ros) and Funky Songo (Joaquín Portocarrero, from Belgium) made the list in several categories.

In 2015, Nube Roja recorded its first album, Dibujemos el camino, produced by Venezuelan musician Andrés Levin, also founder of Yerba Buena and winner of several Grammys, with songs written by Anthuan Perugorría (lead voice and director) and Lázaro Peña (lead voice and keyboards).

The production also featured important invited musicians, like Julio César González Ochoa, Gastón Joya, Héctor Quintana, Maykel Olivera Garcìa, Cucú Diamantes and Pete Miser.

Dance to my Funky Songo...Group members have been actively present in the media. They have been invited to popular television shows such as “Mediodía en TV”, “Conexión”, “Talla Joven”, “Fuera de Rosca”, “Tengo algo que decirte” and “Terraza de Tertulia”, among others.

“Its record has been played on Cuban radio stations dedicated to alternative music and fusion, such as “A buena hora”, “Discofiesta”, “Estaciones”, “De mañana”, “Escala máster, “Con té de tarde” and “Aquí na´má”.

Up to now, Nube Roja has made six video clips, with great acceptance by national and international audiences.

Sin control (Joseph Ros) favored the band’s insertion in the MTV Latin television network, and more recently, Funky Songo has topped the lists of prime time television programs such as ‘Lucas’ and ‘Cuerda Viva’.

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