Remembering is Reliving

Mercy Ramos, Photos: José Meriño, on: Music
Remembering is Reliving

As the popular saying goes, “remembering is reliving.” Thousands of we city dwellers relived our youth of the 1960s, when the popular John Lennon Park in Havana became the stage to pay tribute to The Beatles, one of the most famous rock groups of all time, while celebrating the 50th anniversary of their album Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

Remembering is Reliving

Havana locals and visitors of different ages attended the concert last June 1st, on the date that the band’s eighth album was released. This album marked the birth of psychedelic music and was a worldwide success that placed ‘The Boys of Liverpool’ at number one both on the British and American charts.

During the Havana tribute, which resulted in tears for many fans as they remembered times passed, Cuban composer, musician and musical director of the show, X Alfonso, said that ‘it was an honor for Cuban musicians to be able to play such songs.’

Many national groups participated in the show, among them Los Kent and La vieja escuela, as well as well known rock musician David Blanco, among others.

A special presentation by the children’s theatre company La Colmenita included ‘Mr. Postman’ and ‘Let it be’, with an original salsa rhythm arrangement.

Remembering is Reliving

Although there is no exact date when the group was created, it was officially named The Beatles in 1960, but it was only from 1962 until their official separation in 1970 that the group had a steady set-up. The members of The Beatles were John Lennon (1940, Liverpool – 1980, New York), Paul McCartney (1942, Liverpool), George Harrison (1943, Liverpool - 2001, Los Angeles) and Ringo Starr (1940, Liverpool).

During their recording career (1962 to 1970) The Beatles released thirteen studio albums, one compilation, thirteen LPs and twenty-two singles in addition to filming several movies including A Hard Day’s Night (1964) which chronicles three days in the life of the famous British group. For those of us who danced and fell in love listening to the music of The Beatles, that night (A Hard Day’s Night) - to paraphrase the title of one of their most popular songs - was really an unforgettable night.

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