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Nelson Domínguez Cedeño: and his imprint in Ciego de Ávila


It’s a matter of pride for the citizens of Ciego de Avila that an artist of the magnitude of Nelson Domínguez Cedeño is closely related to the institutional framework of culture in our province (Ciego de Ávila, central region of Cuba).

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Design and photography: two passions of Daniel Ventura


Graduated as a graphic designer, Daniel Ventura Timonchuk dedicates himself to his profession as a freelance, and for the last three years has developed his work as a photographer as a hobby. The knowledge gained during the photography course taught by Alberto (El Chino) Arcos, the independent study based on Internet tutorials and the practice provided by daily work is the fundamental tuition for this young man.

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A catalog of errors


A beautiful visual of Havana’s bay from the window next to the entrance catches the visitor who arrives for the first time. Of course for a restless collector of unrepeatable moments, views that cannot be staged, only arousing the desire to contemplate, capture, possess them. A coffee becomes an invitation for the newcomer. We already have something in common.

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Jazzeando with abstraction


For Juan Brouwer, a faithful exponent of abstract language in Cuba, painting, and especially that of the genre he practices, is very similar to jazz.

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CubaPlus at San Alejandro

The historic San Alejandro Academy of Arts opened its doors to CubaPlus with two motivating proposals. Students, teachers and employees of the centre, as well as important artists and directors of different institutions attended the presentation of the arts catalogues for demonstrations of the CubaPlus Contemporary Cuban Art Collection and the opening of the exhibition ‘Terceiras’ (Rain of Stars’)

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THE GALLERY WORKSHOP of Osmany Betancourt in Matanzas

By Mireya Cabrera Galán, Photos: Courtesy of artist

In recent years, Narvaez Street, located on the banks of the River San Juan, has transformed into one of the principal public spaces of Matanzas. The look of the place (once witness to the sugar trade and maritime and religious celebrations) today has a string of benches and trees running parallel to the river and with various workshops and galleries, fronted by various leading artists of the province. Retracing one’s steps up the street one arrives at the gallery-workshop of Osmany Betancourt Falcon “Lolo” (Matanzas, 30/11/1973).

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EDUARDO ROCA Choco ”…painter….poet and crazy

By Mercedes Ramos, Photos: Courtesy of author

Known globally as ‘Choco’, the remarkable plastic artist Eduardo Roca Salazar has great work to his credit, and although he is more identified with painting and engraving, he also makes sculptures of all types of materials, among other works, as all ‘are important and I like them’, which is why – he confirmed to this journalist – he is “a painter, poet and crazy”.

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UNESCO Opens Exhibition Dedicated to Havana

Cubaplus FotosPL: José Miguel Capdevila

The celebrations at UNESCO headquarters in Paris for the 500th anniversary of the foundation of Havana began on Thursday with the opening of a photographic exhibition that helps visitors to discover ''a real and wonderful city.''

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NARVÁEZ BOULEVARD: old warehouses, new community projects

By Mercy Ramos, Photo: José Meriño

Considered the first modern urban development on the island, the city of Matanzas is currently focused on rescuing its cultural heritage. All the hard work in doing so becomes clear when visiting the well known Narváez Boulevard. The famous walk has been part of a zone reactivation program for the last couple of years.

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Pepe Menéndez: A lifetime to create

By: Roxana Consuegra / Photos: José Alberto Menéndez

For thirty years design has served as his compass in life and has been his life’s work. A prolific career led by the hand of innovation and the spirit of an artist has been that of renowned Cuban designer José Alberto “Pepe” Menéndez. His portfolio ranges from editorial projects, branding, album covers, books, catalogs and, above all, posters. On various occasions he has curated retrospective expositions on traditional Cuban posters.

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Manuel López Oliva: A great of our times

By: Roxana Consuegra / Photos: Manuel López Oliva

The soul of a city can only be truly felt by making your way through its streets. When walking through Paula Avenue, renamed as Leonor Perez, even the air breathes of history and Cuban culture. Further ahead, when reaching Habana Street, there’s a colonial house from the mid 17th century painted with the same colors as that of Jose Martí (Cuba’s National Hero), just a few blocks away. Only something marvelous could reside in there.

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