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Maykel Herrera The spiritual in art

By Onedys Calvo Noya - City Historian's Art Specialist, on: Visual Arts
Maykel Herrera The spiritual in art

As an abstract artist, Maykel Herrera (born in Camagüey in 1979) has ignored vogues in art to create a work that serves his perception between concrete reality and spiritual complexities. His artistic gifts have allowed him to dip, with greater or less profundity, into different methods of art expression.

Maykel Herrera The spiritual in art

The subjects in his paintings always appear protected by a shining aura that is at once mystifying and obvious, in a clear balance between the sublime and the material.

He is an artist who narrates existential situations that impart mental and sentimental states. That is Herrera's guideline which has coherently guided his career until today.

For Maykel, to be in the vanguard or to invent a new way of saying things never told before is not the important thing. What is important is to express a constant ethical position with the force provided by colour and symbols. To look at his surroundings from that viewpoint and express it according to the dictates of his inner needs.

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