Me with metal

Me with metal

For sculptor Eulises Niebla working with metal is central.” I have combined it with glass, which is an interesting element, but metal is my mainstay”, he affirms.

Me with metal“It has always caught my attention. I have experimented with ferroconcrete and bronze but I always go back to metal”, he says to Cubaplus from his house in the Versailles neighborhood of Matanzas, about 100 km east of Havana. Niebla belongs to the Union of Cuban Writers and Artists (UNEAC), and has completed studies at the Matanzas’ Provincial Art School, as well as the National School of Art (ENA) and the Superior Art Institute (ISA).

According to Niebla no one within his circle was involved in the arts and attributes early influences to his father and paternal grandfather, a miscellany of blacksmith, carpenter and bricklayer.

Me with metal“God gave me a gift for drawing which my father recognized and helped me develop. He took me to art school and convinced the director to have me take tests outside the set dates; I passed and began school in 1975 “. “A young teacher really got me into sculpture: modeling, the human form...which was a great influence in my art creation ”.

Later Niebla obtained a scholarship and went to England for one year, a time he says was very productive: “ It gave me a space to grow, it increased my creative force, and I had the opportunity of interacting with other new artists ”. According to Helga Montalván, Plastic Arts specialist, Niebla makes us realize “the one and unique experience that we represent, as participant and accomplice of our ongoing preoccupations, both individual and universal, while resuming within ourselves that relentless anxiety of recognition and differentiation”.

Me with metalWith 26 years’ experience under his belt, he is the creator of large-format works for settings in Varadero, a key vacation resort located in the Hicacos peninsula on the northern coast of Matanzas.

Niebla has a extensive curriculum of personal and collective exhibitions, both nationally and internationally and has also participated in many sculpture events. “Any theme attracts my attention, although I prefer the abstract because it does not give you only one point of view, it is wide in scope and has many languages that the public can interpret with freedom”, he says.

“The abstract is more complex than the figurative as far as composition, balance and message. The less elements used to transmit an idea the better”.

Me with metalAt 52 years of age, Niebla is married and has two children, who have both followed their father’s footsteps being in the arts. His daughter plays the violin in the Matanzas Symphonic Band and his son is in plastic arts with an inclination towards painting.

Niebla’s works appear in galleries, has sat on a jury for numerous events and has given conferences and speeches on his work in a number of Cuban schools and universities. “I like education, I like giving classes”, he says. “Sculptural pieces are very complex to make or to sell, but at the same time they are very interesting and always attract attention”.

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