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Photo Feature: Adventure in the World of Neptune

By: Roberto F. Campos / Photos by MINTUR, on: Visual Arts
Photo Feature: Adventure in the World of Neptune

In a society increasingly more rapacious in its interaction with nature, a competition of underwater photographers to best capture the beauty of Cuba’s ocean floor, is emblematic. Photo Feature: Adventure in the World of NeptuneThe International PhotoSub 2010 awakens us to the dangers our seas face and actions necessary to protect the environment.

The official contest took place in the sparkling waters of Punta Frances, off the south west coast of the Isle of Youth. The rule: it was forbidden to mishandle animals to obtain the cherished prize.

At this year’s contest, 40 photographers and models attended from Brazil, Germany, Spain, Italy, Mexico, Chile and Cuba. There were also a hundred others: tourism managers, tour operators and travel agents, businessmen and experts in different spheres related to diving.

Cd to present the first place for each category of PhotoSub 2010.

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