Photo Feature: Alex Castro

Photo Feature: Alex Castro

Cuban landscapes, both urban and rural, have been the inspiration for many artists, embodying, as they do, the unique beauty of the tropics, whose rich colors can only be found in this region.

Photo Feature: Alex CastroThat is why photographer Alex Castro has taken them as a favorite theme to reveal Cuba in all its splendour.

Born in Havana a little more than four decades ago, Alex is a graduate electro-technical engineer with a Masters in science. However, he serves as official photographer of the Spanish Ballet of Cuba and as cameraman and director of photography for Mundo Latino Studios.

His work has appeared in numerous personal exhibitions in Cuba and abroad and has received such awards as that for photography direction of the documentary, La agricultura urbana en Cuba (at the 2006 International Scientific Cinema Festival in Paris) and the Third Biennial Alfredo Sarabia Memoriam (2007 in Cuba) for Sueño Real.

In his work he has also explored various photographic subjects: personalities, sports, nature, fashion and many others that you will be able to appreciate in future editions of Cubaplus.