Photo Feature, Ancestral Return

Photo Feature, Ancestral Return

Riding on a time machine and captivated by the vast collection of stories from her ancestors, Mabel Llevat proposes a series of photos she named La Favorita (The Favourite).

Photo Feature, Ancestral ReturnUsing self-portraiture, she inserts herself within scenes from the past to construct a story that, although a product of her fantasy, reveals ingenious use of light, mastery of angles and exquisite environmental composition.

In her so far brief life as a photographer, Llevat, with a degree in Art History, has savoured triumph in a dozen collective exhibitions and other works that place her among a select group of young creators sponsored by Cuba's Photo Museum.

La Favorita turns into a game of her own image. A game that takes a disquieting and searching look at the past, faithful to the ancestral return provided by the artist and making us accomplices of this reverse destiny, reinvented in her style and likeness.

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