Photo Feature: The Malecon by Inda

By Onedys Calvo Noya - City Historian's Art Specialist, on: Visual Arts
Photo Feature: The Malecon by Inda

My lens is charmed by a great face or a marvellous city landscape. That is why I prefer the portraits of people and photos of my city, Havana. In my life photography was a hobby that became a passion and finally, a profession, without losing the first two. Perhaps in that lies a part of my happiness. I do what I want.

Photo Feature: The Malecon by Inda

I enjoy doing it and, besides, I make a living from it.

My photos are my view of life. These are moments taken along Havana's Malecón (the city's seawall). Havana is a charmed and charming city. I know many other photographers have done this, but my pictures reflect my personal viewpoint.

My city has suffered the ups and downs of time and men. Yet it still preserves the enchantment of a wonderful city. Its people have lived a unique experience and when seeing a photographer they tend to give their best smile.

Photo Feature: The Malecon by Inda

I invite you to see my photos of the Malecón and its people. It is more than a simple concrete wall separating the sea from the city. It is a symbol. The people who come to Havana and don't visit it have not come at all. They have yet to discover the most beloved place in the city.


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