By Ramón Iglesias. The image of smoke

By Ramón Iglesias. The image of smoke

With a delicate appreciation of the world of tobacco, this photographer captures the colours and nuances of space, objects, and living creatures. An image conveys science and art. These two worlds can subtly meld together in photos, especially in the hands of an expert like Cuban photographer Ramon Iglesias Centeno who has dedicated his professional life to cigars and nudes. With more than 25 years of experience behind the photo lens, he has developed an eye to recreating the moments, places, and people that would enrich his work. People like musicians, cigar rollers, and beautiful women. He has participated in the Cuban cigar festivals since its founding in 1994 when the gourmet dinner was held at Las Ruinas restaurant in Havana.

By Ramón Iglesias. The image of smokeAt the last festival, he presented his most important project, a special collection featuring photos of the ten best Cuban tobacco growers in a special collection, Most of them are from the Province of Pinar del Rio and are lead by Alejandro Robaina, considered the best grower in the country, and others like Gerardo Medina who was chosen as the best producer in the 2006 festival.

He is also interested in photographing nudes but he endows those images with an unusual beauty exploring scenes with tobacco leaves, candles, and the unpredictable world of shadows.

He has presented his work in other places related to cigars such as the Partagás Cigar Factory in Havanar The author has a collection of around a thousand photos of important figures and artists like Compay Segundo of the Buena Vista Social Club.

A great cigar connoisseur, he points his camera toward many other areas but his most important images include traces of smoke and beauty, captured by the eye of someone who cares.

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