Go Cuba? Go Wild!

Go Cuba? Go Wild!

Cuban beaches are great, but… What about nature and adventure travels? Awesome! That’s why those are the main issues today in 37th International Tourism Fair, FITCuba 2017, held in the eastern city of Holguin.

Cuba is kind of a paradise for those who love nature. Cuban tourism authorities are building a sustainable industry to preserve local landscapes, providing a-la-carte programs, multi-destination trips, and especially circuits.


This island Cuba have over 200 bays, some 2,000 keys and small islands and 588 kilometers of beaches classified by their importance for tourism. These data are as substantial in tour operators and travel agents plans as they anticipate new programs and opportunities for the following tourism seasons.

Although Cuba is fundamentally a Sun and Beach destination, those attending FITCuba 2017 recognize there is a diversification strategy by the Ministry of Tourism. This idea also includes nature, adventure, congresses, health travels, culture, and other issues that even grant a value to the island in the face of multi-destination vacations, the organizers and delegates said.

The participants at FITCuba 2017 are taking a glimpse in Cuba’s potential by hanging around Holguin, the island's fourth travel sector. Beautiful beaches, favorable services and a very natural panorama, combined with significant urban landscapes.

Known as the City of the Parks, this city has enough attractions to satisfy the participants in the fair. Holguin is one of the Cuban regions privileged for its beaches, bays and diving areas, natural landscapes and historical values. Its proposal includes 220 sites of high tourist attractions, 170 of which are linked with natural resources and 50 of socio-cultural interest.


It can offer a very varied potential and an infrastructure in development and modalities a la carte of beaches, nautical recreation and city tours. The main tourist markets of this destination are Canada, which covers 48 percent; followed by Great Britain with 25 percent, and Germany with six percent.

The territory operates 5,419 rooms, the highest of all of the country, with hotel facilities of three, four and five star categories.


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