Greater Economic Risks for the Caribbean

Charly Morales Valido, on: Events
Greater Economic Risks for the Caribbean
Cuba warned that the countries of the Caribbean are exposed to greater economic risks by increasing protectionism in trade and the development of exclusionary and repressive migration policies. The alert was raised by Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez at the opening here of the 12th Ordinary Meeting of the Council of Ministers of the Association of Caribbean States (ACS), attended by Cuban President Raul Castro.As he said, 'the exclusionary and repressive migration policies announced by countries of destination' could lead to greater deportations and discrimination against Latin American and Caribbean migrants.'This phenomenon and the application of extremely protectionist trade measures are real challenges for the sub-region', said the also pro tempore chairman of the ACS Council of Ministers. aec-cuba-2-580x429.jpg'All this -said the diplomat- could seriously affect the development models of the Caribbean economies because of their impact on job creation, income, industry and trade.' Without directly mentioning the United States and its border-crossing plans with Mexico, Rodríguez said that 'in the face of the walls that are now being sought, our option must remain unity, solidarity and complementarity, for the defense of the most legitimate interests of our peoples.' The minister urged strengthening cooperation among the nations of the area in order to find solutions to the economic difficulties that hinder trade and investment in key areas such as transport and tourism.According to the Cuban Foreign Minister, new and feasible solutions are needed, which should include the search and management of resources to implement the programs and priority projects of the Association for the period 2016-2018.'Held here on March 8, the first ACS Cooperation Conference was an exploratory exercise of new ways of managing financial and technological resources to execute important development plans in the area,' said Rodríguez.
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