Will Marti perform a baseball miracle?

Will Marti perform a baseball miracle?

Were you surprised by Granma winning the Cuba’s crown in baseball? I you didn’t expected that, neither you could imagine that veteran Carlos Marti would wind up as the manager of Cuban national squad for the upcoming World Baseball Classic (WBC).

After four decades devoted to baseball, Marti is a well respected DT, but he hasn’t be considered as the skipper of Cuba since he led the team in the Intercontinental Cup 1999. Just three weeks ago the job seemed reserved for Victor Mesa or Roger Machado.


But Marti’s Granma beat record-breaking Matanzas and defending champion Ciego de Avila, and suddenly his name got into the equation. They said Victor is cursed to never win the big ones, and many people don’t like Roger either, so everyone rooted for Marti. Who knows…? Maybe we got another Marti becoming national hero…

In a rather populist move, National Federation of Baseball appointed Martí as the manager for the fourth WBC, which will begin next March 6. For this version of the Classic, Cuba will play the first round as part of group B, along with the selections of Japan, China and Australia, based at the Japanese stadium Tokyo Dome.


The first two of this phase will advance to the second stage along with the leaders of Pool A, which will gather in South Korea the hosts, Taiwan, Holland and Israel. Two teams will also move on to the semi-finals scheduled at the Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, United States of America.

Cuba managed to reach the final in the first Classic, but since then it has not been able to reach the semifinals. Will Marti perform the miracle? Nobody thinks so, but nobody believed he would win the national title. So, let’s pray…

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