Puppets for adults enjoy their bacchanal

Puppets for adults enjoy their bacchanal

Puppets for adults!? What in the name of God is that????

That’s the usual response at the idea of grownups enjoying a puppet show. But theater of animated figures is not an art conceived only for kids. As a matter of facts, it’s a tradition that goes way long back in time, and it’s gaining more and more fans world-wide.

For example, the Bacchanal of Puppets for Adults is a Cuban effort to demonstrate that this kind of theater can entertain and make us reflect. Venues like the National Theater, Llauradó Room, Raquel Revuelta Cultural Center, La Edad de Oro Theater, and the companies Teatro Escolllas and Teatro de La Villa, have attractive proposals of high quality and technical level.


Besides, some performers came from abroad, like Denmark groups Dansk Rakkerpak and Sofie Krog Teater, to show their version of Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho and the outstanding play La Diva. Italian Bruno Leone and his company Teatro delle Guaratelle also showed up in this captivating bacchanal. Leone and his personal Polichinela have travelled around the world, and now they landed in Cuba with Pichinella de la Mancha, a “spin-off” masterpiece Don Quixote.

The program also includes Arthur Miller’s classic The Witches of Salem, brought by Cuban crew Project 8. Teatro Teatral Océano returns with Delirium Tremens, a tribute to the theater of the absurd, a spectacle with live music.


Why this festival? Well, to honor Cuba’s great tradition of puppets. Since Camejo Brothers, many puppeteers have performed for adults. In fact, the first bacchanal was made with rescued montages; and was shown as a starting point to encourage new creations. Three editions later, development is awesome...

Organizers aim to include this bacchanal’s shows in a repertoire good enough to strengthen this tradition. So wipe that WTF face off, ‘coz this stuff it’s great...

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