Sad news for Cuba-US business

Sad news for Cuba-US business

A couple of harbors in Florida just cancelled the signing of an understanding memo with a Cuban business delegation, after being threatened by Governor Rick Scott. So far, President Donald Trump has nothing to do with this sad move…

The Port Palm Beach confirmed the measure was taken in response to a recent request by Governor Scott, who wrote in his personal account in Twitter, that he could recommend legislators to cut their funds to the US ports making businesses with Cuba.

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A few hours before, the Port of Everglades adopted a similar position, just after the first ship with Cuban merchandise docked. Despite the cancellation of the agreement, authorities of both ports stated that they are planning to welcome a Cuban delegation.

“The port intends to explore possibilities for expanding the trade; businesses and industries of Florida have always had the objective of identifying new international opportunities for economic development and job creation”, they argued.

Havana and Washington re-established diplomatic links in July 2015 and in recent months both sides signed dozens of agreements and memorandums of understanding in various sectors of interest. But still remains the main obstacle to the process, the economic, commercial and financial blockade implemented by the US government against Cuba.

So far, both sides have reached 22 memorandums of understanding covering areas such as health, environmental protection and law enforcement. A total of 25 official delegations of the island - six of them of high-level - visited Washington, and 47 US official groups - 13 of high level - were in the Cuban capital.

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