The Rum Museum in Cuba

The Rum Museum in Cuba

Havana’s Avenida del Puerto (Port Avenue) is home to a unique institution, one of its kind, perhaps in the entire Caribbean, and has a distinctive Cuban mark.

Though rum has been present throughout all of Cuban history and is recognized worldwide, the Havana Club Rum Museum was created in March 2000 with the objective of offering visitors from all over the world a look into the history and the status of the most famous Cuban rum, Havana Club.

The Rum Museum in CubaToday, proud to have received more than 2 million visitors – and bearing in mind the smaller space of the 18th century colonial mansion that houses it and its inner courtyard - the Museum offers guided tours presenting the history and process of rum-making, the original Havana Club distillery and its aging cellars.

With an average of 500 daily visitors, the Havana Club Rum Museum has become a reference point for tourists coming to Havana, not only because of its prestigious trademark, but also for the interesting tours, the rooms, the walk through all the stages of the rum life-cycle, from the moment the sugar cane is harvested to the bartender offering a drink of Havana Club Masters Selection, to mention just one edition. 

Among this tourist site one finds a cooperage workshop, where white oak barrels are assembled (180-litre capacity), the sugar cane gallery, with the mills used during the colonial era, and a small 1902 locomotive.

All you need is about an hour to tour the Havana Club Rum Museum, but more than that, it is a trip into the Cuban identity, the sugar cane fields and the plant, the process of rum-making, the smells and sounds of fermentation and transformation of one of the best rums in the world.

As one of the most distinguished rums in the world with prestigious awards, the Museum also invites its visitors to taste its delicate yet strong flavo, with an exquisite, incomparable aroma, and an inextricable combination of tradition and universality with different mixtures and different agings.

It is an unforgettable experience. Beyond the rum, the leif motiv of the visit, the site was transformed into a gallery of renowned plastic artists who have reflected this product through their works. Visitors will learn how to prepare traditional Cuban Mojitos, Daiquiris and Cuba Libres as well as taste an exotic typical drink of the installation: the Guarabana, a mixture of Aged White Havana Club Rum, sugar cane juice, and tropical orange juice..

An institution which, at 15 years of age, builds cultural bridges, proposes a vision of Cuban identity through its rums, mixing them not only with business and tourism, but also with history, art and the socio-cultural development of the Island.

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