International course on dengue, zika and other emerging arboviruses

The Pedro Kouri Institute convenes the International Course on Dengue, Zika and other emerging arboviruses, from August 12 to 23, 2019. In its 16th Edition We provide Products, technologies and services: • Evaluation of commercial kits for the diagnosis of diseases infectious • Clinical trials of vaccine candidates, generics and natural products. • Environmental monitoring of fungi. • Pesticide evaluations for environmental hygiene. Certified and qualified master's degrees: Virology • Bacteriology-Mycology • Parasitology • Infectious Diseases and Tropical Diseases. • Epidemiology Vector Control. Other courses: • HIV / AIDS: Therapeutics and coinfections. • Qualitative research and mixed methods applied to disease control. • Tropical and traveler's medicine. • Immunopreventable diseases: An integrated look. • Application of Molecular Biology to neglected tropical diseases. • Study design of evaluation of vaccines and community trials. Main Services: Provision, assistance and management of diseases such as: HIV / AIDS, Zika, dengue, malaria, Ebola, hepatitis, Lyme, Leishmania, acute diarrhea, respiratory, as well as other tropical diseases. Apartado Postal 601. Marianao 13, Havana, Cuba. Phone: +53 7202 0425 Official site: / Facebook: @ institutodemedicinatropical.pedrokouri - Twitter: @IPKinstituto Email: / /
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