Cuba Tourism and Sports: International Billfishing Tournament

Cuba Tourism and Sports: International Billfishing Tournament

Convocation to the 64th Ernest Hemingway International Billfishing Tournament constitutes an extremely attractive event for Cuba, aspiring to be the top recreative destination in the Caribbean.

Cuba´s Department of Tourism (Mintur) announced that the competition will take place from June 9 to14, 2014, key period in which to take advantage of the closeness of these fish to the coast, essential to this event. Organized by the company ‘Grupo Empresarial de Náutica y Marinas Marlin S.A.´ ( this is one of the oldest sportive and touristic events of the continent, which first appeared in the 5 0’s of the last century.

In addition, this competition is part of the official list of the International Fishing Federation (IGFA), an organization to
which Cuba belongs, while the Tournament is on its way to becoming a Worldwide Fishing Event.

Cuba Tourism and Sports: International Billfishing TournamentA major drive and influence for this competition during his time came from the American writer Ernest Hemingway, who lived in this archipelago for more than 20 years, and who eventually even came to refer to himself as an everyday Cuban .

Cuba is home to Hemingway´s 1954 Nobel Prize Medal for Literature. He considered the poor fishermen of the island as his best friends and donated his award to them.

Also in this country is exhibited the yacht named Pilar. Here the novelist realized countless adventures and perfected his art as fisherman, one of his favourite sports, and of which he wrote many chronicles. The yacht is in the Hemingway Museum in Havana, which used to be Hemingway´s home in Cuba and where he received numerous visits from movie stars and other artists as well as common citizens .

Hence, around the 64th Tournament exists a mystique that includes the writer, his one encounter with the Cuban leader Fidel Castro, the beginning of the Cuban Revolution, and the boundless tourist attractions of this archipelago.

Mintur diversifies its tourist packages, beyond the typical beach escapes, with getaways involving nature, culture, history, music and recreative water sports, including fishing events.