Dog show in Havana Promotes Animal Care

 Dog show in Havana Promotes Animal Care

The Pan-American Dog Show held recently at Havana’s Monte Barreto Eco-friendly Park provided a unique opportunity for the exhibition of diverse breeds of dogs, allowing Cuban families to socialize and share their knowledge about animal care and exchange tips on how best to look after them.

 Dog show in Havana Promotes Animal CareThe event brought together domestic and foreign exhibitors and dog breeders with almost 200 examples of some 40 breeds, and for the first time welcomed Rafael de Santiago, the president of the International Cynological Organization (Fédération Cynologique Internationale, FCI).

The institution promotes the breeding of pedigree dogs in 84 countries.

In comments to Cubaplus, De Santiago praised the event and the country’s potential to study canine related issues by saying: “I am satisfied that Cuba is at par with other countries. I’m deeply impressed with what I have seen here.”

 Dog show in Havana Promotes Animal Care“This event is more than a beauty show, it is an opportunity to promote dog protection, because people attending shows like this identify with our work and can become better acquainted with dog care techniques,” said the president of the Dalmatian Club of Cuba’s Cynological Federation, Caridad Linares.

She added that all of this is very positive because cynology forms part of our culture and dogs are also part of the country’s heritage.