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21st International Craft Fair FIART An Anticipated Event

Each year Cuban artisans and the general public alike await the arrival of the last month of the year, when Havana dresses up for the party and welcomes the men and women who work wonders with their talented hands, producing goods that are practical and marvelous.

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Democracy in Cuba

By Dr. Ramón de la Cruz Ochoa

Despite the difficulties brought on by the forceful Hurricane Irma, Cuba has begun the lengthy process of electing the delegates who will form the new administrative bodies of the government and the state, from municipal governments through to the nation’s highest governing bodies: the National Assembly and the State Council.

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Havana’s 15th Rhythm and Dance Festival ‘Fiesta del Tambor’

For over a decade now in the first week of March, the city of Havana has prepared for a major musical event which attracts visitors from around the globe. Havana’s Rhythm and Dance Festival features some of the top Cuban artists (vocalists, dancers, percussionists, and drummers) in breathtaking performances organized and directed by the highly regarded musician Giraldo Piloto.

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Havana’s Seventh Elite Horse Auction, a Jump Towards Excellence

By: Roberto Campos / Photos: Publicitur

Are you interested in acquiring an elegant and athletic horse and turn it into an international equestrian champion? If so, do not hesitate: be a part of Cuba’s Seventh Elite Jumping Horses Auction which will take place at Havana’s Equestrian Club on February, 11, 12, and 13, 2016.

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International Tourism Fair FITCuba 2016

By: Mercy Ramos, Photos by: Jose (Tito) Meriño, Jorge Victor Gavilondo and Publicitur

Cuba’s International Tourism Fair (FITCUBA) 2016 will be dedicated to Cuban culture and Canada will be the country of honor (country representing Cuba’s largest source of visitors whose number totalled over one million in 2014).

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Cuba’s Green Philosophy

By: Roberto F. Campos Photos: José Meriño

The 10th International Nature Tourism Event (TURNAT) 2015 will take place in Pinar del Río from September 24 to 27. This tourism event which focuses on nature and the environment has practically become a tradition, demonstrating the Cuban authorities’ commitment to promoting active leisure and adventure trips.

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