Havana’s Seventh Elite Horse Auction, a Jump Towards Excellence

Havana’s Seventh Elite Horse Auction, a Jump Towards Excellence

Are you interested in acquiring an elegant and athletic horse and turn it into an international equestrian champion? If so, do not hesitate: be a part of Cuba’s Seventh Elite Jumping Horses Auction which will take place at Havana’s Equestrian Club on February, 11, 12, and 13, 2016.

Havana’s Seventh Elite Horse Auction, a Jump Towards ExcellenceAt this international event, organized by the National Enterprise for the Protection of Flora and Fauna (ENPFF) and the Dutch company VDL-Stud, 33 specimens, including 23 riding horses and 10 Royal Dutch Warmblood horses will be auctioned. During the first two days the participants will endorse the horses’ skills, trained by Cuban riders from the National Riding School.

The ENPFF manages 80 protected areas with different flora conservation and management programs. In addition, it is developing a national equine genetic program throughout the country, including 40 equine breeding centers, 8 for mules and five for donkeys, a lab for the extraction and freezing of semen, as well as embryo transplants.

It also offers equine therapy of which the main beneficiaries have been children and adults with certain ailments and diseases. This therapy has produced excellent results for both patient and family. There is also a school of Spanish equestrian art, dressage and training, as well as blacksmithing. Flora and Fauna has a farm system where are a total of 17 horse breeds are raised, among which are: Arabian, Pinto Cubano, Cubano de Paso, Cubano de Trote, Patibarcino, quarter horse and Royal Dutch blood, plus a National Riding School, based in five provinces, where riders and horses for equestrian sport are prepared, specializing in jumping, dressage and even horsemanship.

Havana’s Seventh Elite Horse Auction, a Jump Towards ExcellenceCustomers from Mexico, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Argentina and the United States, to name a few, have participated in various editions of Havana’s Auction of Jumping Horses. Some of the horses sold at this event have turned into winners of international competitions. This seventh edition will present the Island’s results and potential in Equestrian sport. On the night of the Auction a delicious dinner is served accompanied by excellent Cuban music and Cuban cigars. The horses are presented to the participants by experienced youth of the National Riding School.

Each year the event funds projects aimed at conservation of flora and fauna and the Cuban National Equine Genetic Program.