Havana´s Convention Center: Making History for 35 Years

Havana´s Convention Center: Making History for 35 Years

Created 35 years ago, Havana´s Convention Center has been host to momentous meetings and national and international congresses, making it a faithful exponent of important events.

Havana´s Convention Center: Making History for 35 YearsIn September 1979 it became known to the world with the 6th Summit Conference of Heads of State or Government of the Non-Aligned Movement. Today its involvement is much more solid, as evidenced by its hosting of the Second Summit of the State and Government of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) in January 2014.

Havana´s Convention Center: Making History for 35 YearsSince then and until today, the Convention Center has hosted meetings and congresses, including sessions of the National Assembly of People´s Power (Cuban Parliament), the Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba, the Workers’ Central Union of Cuba, the Federation of Cuban Women, the Union of Cuban Writers and Artists and other important national entities; events on the Debt Crisis in the early 1980s, the Tripartite Talks, Conferences on the Nation and Emigration, Education Congresses, Globalization events, assemblies and meetings of important associations and agencies and international bodies such as the UN, the UNDP, FAO, CARICOM, the WFTU, ALBA as well as the recently held CELAC Summit, which has solidified the Center as a venue for international conferences.

Havana´s Convention Center: Making History for 35 YearsPrecisely for having served as the stage for such important national and international meetings the Convention Center is a member of international organizations like the AIPC, ICCA and COCAL, among others. Over 35 years, in its 11 air-conditioned, modernly equipped rooms with advanced technology in audiovisual media, the Center has hosted 2,870 national and international events, with the presence of 1,304,320 participants. In addition to its technological and architectural infrastructure the institution has professional organizers, the Organizadores Profesionales de Congresos (OPC), which have provided lectures on events abroad, in countries such as Nicaragua, Angola, Cyprus, India, Zimbabwe, the former Yugoslavia, all of which is part and parcel of these 35 years and the history not only of this important institution, but also of the Cuban nation.